Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ask the universe for anything and you will receive it!

Recently I have been doing a lot of reading on the universal law aka the law of attraction or as some know it, (the secret).  Some people think that this law is for crazy people while know that this law is real. When "the secret" came out, many people started believing in the phenomenon of being able to ask for things from the universe and actually receive them.  Oprah, glamorized the book and made nonbelievers - into believers. I read the book a while back and ended up doing a ton of research, which dated back to the early 1900's. I learned different terms for the secret such as metaphysics and the formless substance. I read and continue to read many great books, about great authors, and teachers of the subject and how they became successful.
I knew I always had a thing for coincidences and synchronicity. In the past I always noticed when people would say things to me and these things became true. Certain people were being mentioned to me and then moments later or days later called me out of the blue. I did not know how to harness the energy until recently. 
I decided to test this law out when my mom asked me how she could attract a dental hygiene job down in Florida. Her thoughts were so clouded with this economy garbage and I told  her to focus on what she wanted and to think positively. I said, Mom- repeat a mantra everyday - this mantra was. "I allow the universal law to work with me and for me,  to attract opportunities into my life. " I told her to say this every morning and every night. All she thought about was getting the job and 3 days later was presented two opportunities in one day! - incredible I thought. A few days later was my final day at work. After I left my position, I asked the universe for some help. I said that I wanted certain types of jobs to come into my life especially those with high income and were flexible. After a week of doing what I call, "the flash card method" these opportunities and individuals came to me.   To further test the idea - I told all of my friends that I was going to attract a silver half dollar by the end of this week. It did not matter how I got this half dollar. I thought about having it in the now. I never let doubt creep its way into my mind. I began asking places for a half dollar when receiving change and people thought i was nuts. I stopped doing this and started looking around for the half dollar. I had not one in my apartment, I did not find one on the street, nor did any of my friends have one. I went to the post office today to send a letter out  and upon receiving 66 cents in change, I looked at the cashier and asked, "If you had a half dollar that'd be a great help, I do not want to carry all of this change." She looked at me and  responded, "i actually have one left."  This proved to me that anything is possible.


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